FAQ and Policies

What exactly is a Blog?
A blog is an online journal of sorts. It’s short for web log. The blog is also a great place to have a “virtual” conversation on important issues and topics.

How do I join the conversation?
We welcome participation in our virtual conversation. Just click on “comment” at the bottom of each posting or entry and express your views!

How can I comment?
There’s a link at the end of each blog entry that says “comments.” You can comment by using the form at the bottom to fill in your name, email, and comment. Then click on “post.” You can contact us if you run into problems.

Why are some words on the blog in blue or orange letters?
These words are links to others pages. Clicking the colored words will take you to the page.

What is a link and why do people “link” in blogs?
We provide links to news stories, other websites, studies and blogs to help stimulate discussion and provide other information for our readers.

What’s the difference between a blog and a comment?
Comments appear below the blog entry. Anyone can comment.

My comment does not appear. Why?
We will review your first comment before it is posted. We do this to prevent any spam. Once we have reviewed your first comment, then your following comments will appear automatically if you provide the same information as in your first post.

What if I want to change a comment?
Your comment is saved permanently. Once you post your comment, it can’t be changed.

Can I say anything I want?
We’d prefer that you stay on topic and encourage a spirited debate on the issues. However, we do not edit comments that we might not agree with. We do, however, reserve the right to remove comments that are derogatory, libelous, crude, rude, discriminatory, or offensive.

How can I find an old comment or entry?
We have a list of categories on the right-hand side of the blog. You can find old entries by clicking on the appropriate subject.